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Gameboard Bag - Clue

Gameboard Bag - Clue

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This clever handbag is created from a repurposed gameboard!
There are 3 different editions to choose from, but each choice is:

* around 9" x 9" and opens to 5" with vinyl sides and closure of complimentary colors

* 18 - 19" webbing handles that are complimentary colors from the game

* the board is coated so it can stand up to any kind of weather

* meant to be used as a real honest-to-goodness handbag and conveniently stands up on its own

* perfect for game lovers and other playful folk

Images on the Clue game have changed over the years. The real old ones are the yellow, orange and black ones. (You will receive a Clue bag similar to the ones shown here - it may be from a different part of the board or a different version. Ahhhh, variety!) You can choose based on the year in the variations.

If you are keen on certain color handles or sides, these details may help:
1960 edition -Vintage yellow/orange with black handles/black sides
1972 edition -Classic brown with brown or dark green handles/brown sides
1986 edition - Classic green with dark green handles/yellow sides

It feels great to wear something that is repurposed from materials that you helped give a new life to! Carry a little nostalgia on your arm and plan on getting lots of comments!
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