Mugwump accessories were first designed as a clever reuse for discarded unwanted materials and repurposed to a new state.  

​But I soon found out there was much more going on than the eco-friendly nature of repurposing with recycled and upcycled materials. 

First, and most obvious to me, was that I was continuing the mission ingrained in our family that we 'use what we've got' and that 'nothing goes to waste'.  This meant for example, lots of hand-me-downs growing up and, being the youngest of 7, you better believe I got them!  To this day I still get inspiration from this approach to life.  And it was the inspiration behind Mugwump.

Album cover handbag lifestyle

When selling at art shows and festivals, I began to recognize that these bags and wallets tickled people's memories and stirred emotions as they interacted with the pieces.  Laughter and smiles, and sometimes tears, as they recalled books read to family, games played with siblings, and music that was their childhood.  These wonderful items evoke feelings -  memories - and that was the best realization of all.

The Process

Book Bag in process

Each item is carefully sourced. The goal being to save these materials from the landfill and give them continued life. These materials come from thrift stores, free boxes at garage sales, school libraries, downsizing baby boomers, and those with the tough task of dealing with a loved ones possessions who has passed on.   And often, some of those possessions get passed on to me to create a functional piece and give it a continued life.  I am asking these materials to become something other than what they were intended for.  It’s quite a process.  From gleaning & cleaning, cutting & designing, coating & protecting and stitching on an industrial sewer, these accessories are meant to be used in any weather. 

The Makers

the maker of Mugwump

the helper behind Mugwump